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St Maarten - St Martin

The most exciting vacation destination in the caribbeans year around warm climate and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
If you appreciate gourmet cuisine,world class duty free shopping,night life entertainment,pristine beaches,activities
Sint maarten /saint martin provides vacationers the opportunity to enjoy different cultures on one 37 square mile island but 2 nations and over 80 nationalities.

Island History

The 37-square-mile island of Sint Maarten was first settled by the Arawaks and was discovered by CHRISTOFER COLUMBUS on behalf of Spain in 1493.
Christopher Colombus sighted the Island Soualiga on November 11 th in the year 1493 ,the holy day of Sint Maarten of Tours ,and he named the Island after him hence the name St.Maarten.
The 11 th of November is celebrated to this day, as St.Martin/St.Maarten s Day.
St .Maarten was peacefully divided between Holland and France,and today is the smallest landmass in the world to be shared by two sovereign nations.


If buying private residence or lot in your own name, you must present your passport or other pictured identification. If buying in a company name, you must present articles of incorporation and a statement showing the company is in good standing.

You need not become a resident to own property on St. Maarten.

Personal or business accounts can be opened at local banks as off shore accounts not restricted to local foreign exchange taxes. Dollars can be moved freely from one country to another.
There are three basic types of deed transfer for real estate on St. Maarten:
fee simple, government long lease, and private long lease. All deed types give registered ownership.
Properties in protected subdivisions are fee simple (same as in U.S.)
Properties are always closed using the European system where the Civil Law Notary, appointed by the Queen of Holland, is responsible by law to both parties and is obligated to do a proper
title search to insure a clear title transfer. The responsibility of clear title is with the Notary, thus title insurance is not needed.
Closings take place on St Maarten in English within the time frame set by the Sales and Purchase Agreement.
There is a one-time government transfer tax of 4% , plus the Notary’s fee with the total of both amounting to not more than 6% of the gross sale price.
These costs are the Buyer’s responsibility.

Sint Maarten real Estate

Long lease and fee simple deeds.
Approximately 6% transfer fees; includes notary stamp and all fees.
No land taxes whatsoever
No capital gains tax
Offshore companies and investors welcome

Vacation Rental Program

Vacation Rental Program We are pleased to offer our vacation rental management services , property owners will have the opportunity to produce rental income when they are not using their residence by renting it out for a long or short term basis.

Public Notaries

Boekhoudt Notary , Gijsbertha Notary , Schaepman – Speetjens Notary.

St Maarten - St Martin Marinas

Isle de Sol: Located at Snoopy Island, in a calm corner of the lagoon, the perfect home away from home for yacths at the Caribbean. IGY signature is the ultimate home part for nautical adventures.
Simpson Bay Marina: Simpson Bay Yacht Club Marina offers variety of services to the yachting community, whether they arrive on a samll sailboat or a megayacht.
Palapa Marina: very close to Princess Juliana Airport. The local bars and various services located at La Palapa Marina Center add to its appeal. Lovely view of the lagoon, a popular meeting place
Porto Cupecoy Marina: features a private mediterranean condominium style sumptuosly design.
Port de Plaisance Yacht Club: full service facility, professionally run with 90 plus slips for vessels from 40 – 250 ft. Enjoy the privileges at the adjacent Princess Port de Plaisance Hotel & Casino.
Bobby’s Marina: modern facility with a full service marina and boat yard located near the airport, on the lagoon; will handle smaller vessels and sailboats.
Dock Maarten: is the closest marina to the A.C. Wathey Cruise and Cargo Facility, located on a beautiful open bay with azure waters.
Island Water World Portofino: easy access makes the dock of this lagoon-based marina a popular spot for sailboats and samll motor yachts. Island Water World is a beehive of activity
Lagoon Marina: offers modern marine facilities, friendly athmosphere.

Heineken Regatta

This event continues to make its mark on the Caribbean calendar of St Maarten, usually expected on the first week of March, it is a fantastic week of racing, favorable winds and spirited battle
with a dose of serious fun, great week for photographers, visitors and St Maarten local community ; celebration, and enjoyment with beautiful sailing colorful boats adorning the sea.


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Simpson Bay: the principal entry to the Lagoon is via a drawbridge, largest megayachts access to the marinas.
Causeway: Bridge betwenn airport road and Cole Bay w/ French border.
Sandy Ground: located on another busy strecht of road on the french side of the island.